Global Expansion for Hungarian Startups and IT Companies 

Harness the Power of International Press Releases 

  • Guaranteed publishing on Business Insider, Benzinga, MSN, Google News, Associated Press, and Fox News's affiliated business, tech and news sites
  • Writing and distribution services
  • Same day publishing options
  • Highly competitive pricing

88% of your prospects do a Google search before contacting you. Press releases indexed from high domain authority sites not only look great in search results, but also provide excellent SEO pushes for your site. In today`s interconnected world, the scope for Hungarian startups and IT companies to make a global impact is immense. International press releases are a key tool in achieving this.

  • Global Visibility: Gain exposure beyond local borders, introducing your brand to a worldwide audience.
  • Diverse Market Entry: Access multiple international markets simultaneously, expanding your business footprint.
  • Reputation Building: Establish your company as a global player, enhancing credibility and prestige.
  • Investor Attraction: Attract foreign investment by highlighting your global presence and ambition.
  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Improve your global online presence through international SEO strategies.
  • Global Market Understanding: Gain insights into international market trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Media Relationships: Build relationships with international journalists and media outlets.

Press release writing

After an initial discovery call, we craft your press release in compliance with the stringent standards upheld by top international business and news platforms. Upon receiving your approval, the release is promptly dispatched for publication. We also offer a same-day option for expedited service.

Organizing the distribution

Let us take care of the distribution at US, UK, EU, Asia, or, global level. Our distribution service maximizes the impact of your press release by utilizing an extensive network of media contacts across international platforms. We target industry-specific channels to ensure your message reaches the most relevant audience. 

Coverage tracking

Following the publication of your press release, our 72-hour media tracking service kicks in, meticulously monitoring its performance across various channels. This service provides real-time insights into media pickups, audience engagement, and overall reach, ensuring you're promptly informed about the impact and spread of your release. 

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2-3 day delivery: At Power Prose, speed and efficiency are at the heart of our service, ensuring that our clients` messages are crafted and disseminated with remarkable swiftness


8 years of experience in crafting press releases and pitches for international presspeople, bloggers and influencers.


Being a Hungarian company, we have a deep understanding of both local and international markets, allowing us to craft messages that resonate globally while retaining the unique essence of Hungarian innovation.
Business UK Package: 429.000 HUF
Guaranteed publishing on Business Insider
Guaranteed publishing on London Loves Business
Guaranteed publishing on Business Manchaster, Business Lancashire, Business Chashire
Guaranteed publishing on Business Mole
Global News Max Package:
399.000 Ft
Guaranteed publishing on MSN
Guaranteed publishing on 5 Google News Sites
Guaranteed publishing on Associated Press
Guaranteed publishing on Fox News affiliate sites
Guaranteed publishing on AsiaOne
Business US Package:
339.000 Ft
Guaranteed publishing on Business Insider
Guaranteed publishing on Fox News's business sites
Guaranteed publishing on Benzinga
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